Glossary of Aston Martin Terms

If you’re new the the fascinating world of Aston Martins, this this glossary may help you. Words like ‘superleggera’ ‘kamm tail’ and ‘cosmetic’ often cause confusion so this section is here to demystify things a little. I have tried to include as many specialised Aston Martin related words as possible plus some others which have caused confusion to visitors in the past. Please do not hesitate to E-mail me if you would like any others words to appear.

'W' is for ...
Wilton carpets

A traditional wilton weave carpet is one in which the pile threads run continuously into the carpet and are raised above the surface of the integral backing by means of wires or hooks. Traditionally, Aston Martins use this type of carpet


W-One is a unique Aston Martin showroom located on Park Lane in Fancy London. A changing display of interesting Aston Martins and visitors are welcome. Next door is the sales showroom of the Aston Martin dealer, Stratstone.

Works (Aston Martin Works)

Aston Martin Works, the new name for Works Service from 2012. As well as service and restoration, Works also sells both new and heritage models.

Works Service

The servicing department at the factory in Newport Pagnell. For those fortunate enough to see inside, you’ll find the greatest collection of the finest post-war Aston Martins. BUT, photographs are not allowed. Rebranded as Aston Martin Works in 2012.


Manufacturers of carburetors and more recently, fuel injection systems on the highest performance Aston Martin (Tadek Marek 6 and V8) engines (DB4GT, V8 Vantage of 1977 to 1989).