Glossary of Aston Martin Terms

If you’re new the the fascinating world of Aston Martins, this this glossary may help you. Words like ‘superleggera’ ‘kamm tail’ and ‘cosmetic’ often cause confusion so this section is here to demystify things a little. I have tried to include as many specialised Aston Martin related words as possible plus some others which have caused confusion to visitors in the past. Please do not hesitate to E-mail me if you would like any others words to appear.

'P' is for ...
Premium Sports Pack

In early 2010, AM began to offer the Premium Sports Pack as an option on the DB9 coupe and for the first time on the DB9 Volante too. Premium Sports Pack involved the fitting of the Adaptive Damping System as had been introduced on the DBS


A brand name for acrylic glass, a lightweight and shatter-resistant alternative to conventional glass.

Pirelli P7

Legendary high performance low profile tyre introduced in 1978 as first used on the Lamborghini Countach LP400S. Fitted to the V8 Vantage from late 1978 to 1985. Also used on the Tickford Lagonda and Bulldog.

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

The most prestigious Concours d’Elegance in the world. It is held during August each year as the finale of Monterey Car Week. Aston Martin have been a featured marque on many occasions, most recently 2007 and 2013.


A British motorsport and automotive engineering company based in Banbury, Oxfordshire. They have run the Aston Martin Racing team since 2004 and devised the Sportshift gearbox as used on the V8 Vantage, V8 Vantage S and V12 Vantage S.

Project Vantage

Project Vantage was a running concept car, styled by Ian Callum from the 1998 that developed into the V12 Vanquish.

Project NPX

This was the internal code name for the car that became the DB7. NPX stands for Newport Pagnell Experimental – even though the DB7 was never built there.

Pace Petroleum

The company formed and owned by Victor Gauntlet, head of AML during the 1980s.

Prince of Wales (PoW)

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, has been an Aston Martin owner since 1969. He had a V8 Vantage Volante made to his own personal specification in 1986 (no spoilers, air dam, skirts) and was subsequently known as the PoW. Now regarded at the ultimate V8.

Premier Automotive Group (PAG)

A sub section of the Ford Motor Company, that owned and ran AML alongside other premier Ford brands, Jaguar, Volvo and Land Rover. PAG was formed in 1999 and slowly dismantled from 2006 to 2010 as the various brands were sold off. AML left PAG in 2007 when it became independent.