Glossary of Aston Martin Terms

If you’re new the the fascinating world of Aston Martins, this this glossary may help you. Words like ‘superleggera’ ‘kamm tail’ and ‘cosmetic’ often cause confusion so this section is here to demystify things a little. I have tried to include as many specialised Aston Martin related words as possible plus some others which have caused confusion to visitors in the past. Please do not hesitate to E-mail me if you would like any others words to appear.

'L' is for ...
Light Blade

These are rear lamps first seen on the DP-100 Digital Concept Car and put into production on the Vulcan. Despite its unique design this lamp still comprises a brake light and Directional Indicator.

Limited Edition

This term refers to a short run of cars built in a limited and numbered series. Such cars include the V12 Vanquish Ultimate Edition, DB7 Zagato and the DBS UB2010.


Manufacturers of sports racing cars. A prototype V8 engine was fitted to two Lola T70’s for the 1967 Le Mans 24 hour race. Another Lola was fitted with an AM V12 in 2008. Lola were also involved in supplying the LMP1 Aston Martin prototype race car (also known as the DBR1-2) as used in the 2009 and 2010 seasons.


Prefix to the chassis numbers of Pre-war team cars during the time that A.C. Bertelli controlled Aston Martin (LM1 to LM23). LM was also used on the limited edition DB9 LM in 2008, with permission from the Automobile Club Ouest, who have rights to the ‘LM’ name is  association with the famous 24 hour endurance race at Le Mans.

Le Mans, France (La Sarthe)

Scene of the famous 24 hour race held each year in the middle of June. Aston Martin scored its only outright victory in 1959. Also the name of a pre-war model and special editions of the supercharged Vantage and the DB9.


The Lagonda Company was formed by Wilbur Gunn in 1899, merged with Aston Martin after being purchased by David Brown in 1948. Now inseparable from Aston Martin relaunched in 2014 with the Project Comet. Significant Lagonda models have included the Rapide and the futuristic Aston Martin Lagonda from the mid 1970’s.