Glossary of Aston Martin Terms

If you’re new the the fascinating world of Aston Martins, this this glossary may help you. Words like ‘superleggera’ ‘kamm tail’ and ‘cosmetic’ often cause confusion so this section is here to demystify things a little. I have tried to include as many specialised Aston Martin related words as possible plus some others which have caused confusion to visitors in the past. Please do not hesitate to E-mail me if you would like any others words to appear.

'E' is for ...

A British made fabric used to make convertible tops for many cars such as the DB4 convertible through to the V8 Volante between the 1960’s and 1980’s. It is similar to vinyl but is more durable and expensive.

Enrico Bertelli

Enrico (Harry) Bertelli was the brother of Bert Bertelli,  who set up his coach building business next door to the Aston Martin factory in Feltham during the 1930’s. Most Aston Martins of this period received coachwork by Bertelli.

EON Productions

Eon Productions is a British film production company well known for producing the James Bond film series since 1961.


Whilst difficult to define, it may be considered that an Evocation is a loose copy of a classic car with an appearance of the original but with more modern running gear. Examples copies of the DB4 GT Zagato and DBR2.

ECU – Emotion Control Unit

The ECU, short for ’emotion control unit’ is a fancy term for a glass (or crystal) key fob that starts Gaydon cars from 2009MY onwards after being pushed into the facia of the car. It replaced the previous glass starter button.

Essex Racing Stable

A privately owned racing team in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Owned by John Ogier and famous for running a selection of racing Aston Martins such as the DB4 GT, DBR1’s and the lightweight DB4GT Zagatos (1VEV and 2VEV).

Ecurie Ecosse

Racing team who ran the AMR1 sports cars during the 1989 season, including the Le Mans 24 race.


Manufacturers of the Superchargers used in the Virage based Vantage and six cylinder DB7.