Glossary of Aston Martin Terms

If you’re new the the fascinating world of Aston Martins, this this glossary may help you. Words like ‘superleggera’ ‘kamm tail’ and ‘cosmetic’ often cause confusion so this section is here to demystify things a little. I have tried to include as many specialised Aston Martin related words as possible plus some others which have caused confusion to visitors in the past. Please do not hesitate to E-mail me if you would like any others words to appear.

'T' is for ...
Touchtronic III

The Touchtronic III is the name given by Aston Martin for the 8HP70 eight speed automatic transmission made by the German company, ZF Friedrichshafen. It is fitted to 2015MY 310 Vanquish and Rapide S models.


Touchtronic III

An eight speed automatic transmission by ZF introduced in 2014 for the 2015MY Vanquish and 2015MY Rapide S.


Tom Walkinshaw Racing, the firm that was responsible for design and development on the DB7. TWR went bust in the early part of the 00’s.

Carrozzeria Touring

Touring were coachbuilders from Milan in Italy. They were responsible for the design of the body for the DB4 using their patented Superleggera technique.

Touchtronic II

The Touchtronic II is the name given my Aston Martin for the 6HP26 six speed automatic transmission by there German manufacturer ZF Friedrichshafen. It has been used in the DB9, DBS, earlier examples of the 310 Vanquish and the Rapide. It uses switch by wire technology where the conventional gear leaver is replaced by PRND buttons on the dashboard. Also uses magnesium alloy paddles behind the steering wheel for instant manual F-1 style gear changes.


An optional transmission for the DB7 Vantage (2000MY and on) with three operating modes enabling the driver the choice of standard automatic, sport automatic and a sequential manual mode – ‘Touchtronic’. Touchtronic can be activated by either the gear lever (forward for upshift, back for downshift) or by using steering wheel mounted ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons.

Chrysler Torqueflite

Three speed automatic gearbox – made by the US car maker, Chrysler and commonly fitted to the AM V8, AM Lagonda and also the early versions on the Virage.


Tickfords were a coachbuilding firm that was based in Newport Pagnell, formally known as Salmons. Tickford built the bodies for the DB 2/4 Mark II and Mark III after David Brown bought the company in 1954. Subsequently, AML moved to the Tickford Works, Newport Pagnell during the late 1950’s. An engineering company, Aston Martin Tickford was then formed in 1981, based in nearby Milton Keynes and was responsible for the Tickford Lagonda, engines for the Nimrod racing car and both the Tickford Capri and Metro. Tickford finally split from AML in 1984.  Nowadays, Tickfords are most well known for high performance Fords for the Australian market although this operation is now called Performance Vehicles following sale to Ford. Tickford had been owned by Prodrive but is no longer following a management buy-out in December 2006 becoming Tickford Test Technology – who were then acquired by Intertek Automotive Testing, Validation & Certification.

The former AML factory in Newport Pagnell still straddles ‘Tickford Street’, and is close to Tickford Bridge and the site of the former Tickford Abbey.