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2nd Century reworking

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2nd Century reworking

The 2nd Century pages have been reorganised so that it makes it a bit easier to find the model you are looking for. If this works out as is should, the VH pages will follow in a similar way.

Revised 2nd Century pages

DB7 Vantage racecars

Ever thought about what happens to prototypes after Aston Martin have finished with them? Well just occasionally they are sold on to race car enthusiasts. Six ex-prototype DB7 Vantage chassis were sold in the mid 2000’s and three are in various stages of development to race on the track. This new page shows these fascinating cars.

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The surviving DB7 Vantage prototypes

Not quite all of the DB7 Vantage prototypes were scrapped. A few cars were quietly sold off and this revised page now features two of these rare survivors.

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Alchemist DB7, British Bling

New page today featuring the gold plated Alchemist DB7, one of the most ostentatious Aston Martin of all time

DB7 Zagato Prototype, revised page

The page featuring the very first DB7 Zagato, the prototype, has been revised today

New YouTube Video from The Quail 2013

New video added today which shows the Aston Martins on display during the 2013 Quail Motorsports Gathering.

DB7 V12 GT – revised page with loads of new images

Often described as the ultimate DB7, the scarce GT model was only available for a year at the end of DB7 production. With the most powerful engine fitted to DB7, only 190 were built making them highly sought after.

The 2020, a concept based on the DB7

You may not recognise this concept Aston Martin from 2001. It is the Twenty Twenty, designed by Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro of Italdesign Giugiaro. The page has been fully updated with loads of new images from the 2001 Geneva Motor Show.

Updated page on the DB7 i6 GT race car

The original DB7 GT was a sadly stillborn project from 1995 designed by Prodrive. Loads of new photos of both examples of the DB7 i6 GT added this morning.

Prototype DB7 i6 Volante

Here is one of a very tiny number of prototype DB7’s known to have survived. It is the final fully engineered i6 Volante and was owned by TWR until 2001. It is of course highly unusual for a prototype car to have survived and enter private ownership as they are almost always destroyed after they have fulfilled their useful lives.

The rarest DB7?

The rarest DB7?

After checking through photographs that I took at this years Silverstone Historic Festival, I  realised that parked amongst 300 other Astons was the unique one-of-one DB7 V12 Vantage Volante GTS II. The rarest DB7 ever made? Quite possibly.

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