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DB7 major update

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DB7 major update

There has been a major update of the DB7 section with many new photographs of previously unseen cars.

DB7 section

Virage 6.3 conversion update

Prior to the introduction of the Supercharged Vantage, Aston Martin offered existing owners of the Virage an extensive (and expensive) performance conversion to 6.3 litre specification. The £50,000 conversion (at 1992 prices) also involved extensive changes to the suspension, brakes, wheels, tyres and bodywork to cope with the additional power and torque. Page updated with full specification and sales brochure

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The surviving DB7 Vantage prototypes

Not quite all of the DB7 Vantage prototypes were scrapped. A few cars were quietly sold off and this revised page now features two of these rare survivors.

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DB9 SE Morning Frost, page revised

Revised page featuring the 2011 special edition, the DB9 SE Morning Frost.

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DBS coupe, revised page

From 2007 to 2012, the halo car of the Aston Martin range was a DBS. Initially just a 2 seater with manual transmission, it later developed into a 2+2 and gained optional Touchtronic 2 transmission. The page featuring this important car in the history of AML has just been updated today.

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Unique DB2/4 Fixedhead coupe – new pictures

The unique DB2/4 Fixedhead coupe prototype has recently been offered and sold during the 2014 Bonhams Aston Martin auction.

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Rare DB2/4 Mark II drophead barn find

After seeing a classic barn find at the 2014 AMOC Spring Concours, the page featuring the rare DB2/4 Mark II Drophead coupe has been revised with pictures of this sleeping beauty.

DB9 Sport Edition, pictures of this rare varient

There are now photographs added of the rare and numbered DB9 Sport Edition. This 2012MY car was the last of the first generation of the DB9 and was only available in North America during 2012.

Rapide Concept, page update

Back in 2006, Aston Martin unveiled the Rapide Concept, the first production 4 door Aston Martin since the 15/98 Saloon in 1936. The page featuring the Rapide has been updated with a number of previously unpublished photographs from the 2006 Geneva Motor Show.

The ‘Gen4’ DB9 – updated page

Is you thought the DB9 had been around for a while, are you aware of the latest version based using the 4th generation of VH architecture. The ‘new’ DB9 is arguably the most complete car in the range with over 500 bhp from the AM11 V12 engine, Carbon Ceramic brakes and the latest Adapitive Damping System offering the choice of three modes.

Updated page on the DB4 series 3

Since I started with the earlier DB4’s it makes sense to move on to the DB4 series 3 page.

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