DBS GT Zagato
DBS GT Zagato

DBS GT Zagato

(2019 - 2021)

This is rather an unusual bespoke coachbuilt DBS in that it's not available to purchase in the regular way. It has been produced as one of a pair of cars in the DBZ Centenary Collection together with DB4GT Zagato continuation. Some images show the finished clay model which was displayed in the AML Design centre during a special visit I made in 2019.   
DBS GT Zagato

The Zagato is closely based on the DBS Superleggera but with an uprated version of the 5.2 litre V12 twin-turbo engine with peak power of 760 bhp.

The first example of the GT Zagato was shown at the Audrain’s Newport Concours in Rhode Island in the USA during October 2019. Finished in Supernova Red – a paint colour exclusively reserved for the DBS GT Zagato – with contrasting exposed carbon fibre accents, Satin Black and Gold 3D machined wheels and Caithness Spicy Red leather.

The DBS GT Zagato is the first car that utilises the first automotive application of configurable carbon and metal 3D-printed interior finishes. A central ‘saddle’ design feature in the interior is available in a range of three materials and finishes. This includes the choice of printed Carbon, Aluminium, or – as part of the Centenary Specification – Gold PVD (physical vapour deposition). The latter requires almost 100 hours of print time with additional polishing and post-processing by skilled craftsmen to achieve a perfect lustrous finish.

At the car’s front, a newly created and unique “dynamic” grille allows the car’s frontal area to transform its appearance. When stationary, each of the 108-individual diamond-shaped carbon fibre pieces remain flush with the car’s beautiful formed exterior. However, upon start-up DBS GT Zagato appear to flutter into life, as each piece opens to allow the car’s twin-turbo V12 to breathe.

This is also the first Aston Martin to utilised a camera-operated rear view central mirror as the car has a full length carbon fibre roof which covers where the rear windscreen would typically be.

The blue car below was one of the prototypes that was refinished to production specification. It was displayed in the showroom of Aston Martin Mayfair in Park Lane during Autumn 2021 with an asking price in the region of £1.2 million.

Only 19 pairs of cars plus prototypes have been built at the cost of £6 million pounds plus local taxes. 

Delivery of the customer DBS GT Zagatos began in November 2020.