DB9 Sportmodificato
DB9 Sportmodificato

DB9 Sportmodificato


Are you getting tired of all those similar looking metallic grey, black and silver DB9's? Once there was a time when each and every Aston Martin was totally unique and now for one owner, his DB9 really was a one off. The DB9 Sportmodificato was especially commissioned by a customer and created at Works Service, the service and restoration department of AM still based on Tickford Street in Newport Pagnell. The initial brief was to capture the aggression and muscle of the 60's and 70's Italian supercars with the elegance of the DB9. I'd like to think that the resulting car has hit the target. It certainly attracts great interest at AMOC functions that it has attended.

DB9 Sportmodificato

So what’s been done? Plenty………………

  • A unique aluminium rear valance made to resemble that of an Italian GT
  • V12 Vanquish tailpipes with switchable loud/soft exhaust
  • Revised grille in satin black.
  • Diamond cut wheels body coloured on the internal faces.
  • ‘Le Mans’-style filler cap.
  • Coachwork in Aston Trophy Metallic, especially mixed by PPG, based on Cumberland Grey but with higher levels of gold and copper flakes (it has to be seen for real to be fully appreciated – photos cannot do it justice)
  • Unique jet black diamond quilted leather by Bridge of Weir.
  • Centre console finished in gloss black, alloy switches have been fitted to the ventilation controls, red seatbelts and paddle shifters
  • Brake callipers finished in gold, with ‘Aston Martin’ picked out in red.
  • Bespoke Sportmodificato and Works Prepared badges. The former are a homage to the Superleggera badges fitted to the bonnets of the DB4 and 5

The Sportmodificato has remained unique as is only right of course, yet it was the first in a growing line of unique Aston Martins that are either Works Tailored or bespoke built by ‘Q’.