DB9 Coupe by Mansory
DB9 Coupe by Mansory

DB9 Coupe by Mansory


Mansory are a German company, founded in 1989, specialising in the up-rating and individualisation of 'noble' British and other premium automobiles - particularly the Bentley Continental GT, Rolls Royce Phantom and from 2005, Aston Martins. They do not actually sell complete cars but modify customers cars to their own desired specification.

DB9 Coupe by Mansory

Their first attempt at an Aston was this aggressive looking DB9 first shown at the Frankfurt IAA, September 2005. From what I can tell you from the press release, here are some of the modifications

  • Unique front spoiler with larger cooling intakes for the engine and brakes
  • Side skirts and a new real valance
  • Mansory trademark double stacked exhaust tips
  • Small rear boot lid spoiler
  • New alloy vents on the bonnet
  • Three piece alloy wheels – not shown on these press pictures
  • Butterfly doors, a concept only available on this prototype
  • Interior in light maple wood, carbonfibre and Alcantara
  • A claimed 500bhp engine capable of delivering a top speed of 205mph

This particular example is I believe a concept to demonstrate the ability of the firm. The butterfly doors are a unique additional modification that Mansory did not subsequently offer to customers. Two years later, Mansory also offered their customisation programme on the DB9 Volante.

Photographs with the kind permission of Mansory