DB11 V12 coupe prototypes
DB11 V12 coupe prototypes

DB11 V12 coupe prototypes

(2014 - 2017)

So many prototype cars are needed when a new car is first developed; these are often then hidden away after launch. Fortunately, AML have saved a few examples so as to understand the gestation of the DB11.

We are very fortunate that the Aston Martin Heritage Trust now looks after some of these interesting cars in their museum in Oxfordshire.

DB11 V12 coupe prototypes

DB11 Experimental Prototype X1

This may look like a tatty DB9 but look more closely and it’s possible to see a significant 60mm gap in the bodywork between the front wings and the leading edge of the doors. Perhaps hard to believe but this is actually the very first iteration of the DB11, built in the prototype workshop. It was photographed at AM Gaydon in 2017 during a rare public event. Under the bonnet is an early version of the 5.2 litre twin-turbo V12. In 2019, this car became part of the AMHT Collection

DB11 Mechanical Prototype M1

Under the heavily camouflaged body is something very close to a finished DB11. Also built in the prototype workshop, the body-in-white structure, subframes, suspension, engine and gearbox are as production spec. The body panels and interior trim however are rather lashed together and all the feature lines masked and wrapped in black vinyl. In 2019, this car became part of the AMHT Collection

DB11 Verification Prototype VP for Crash Testing

More or less, this is a finished DB11 built especially to be tested to destruction. It took 60 full vehicle crash tests to make the DB11 compliant across global markets and the safest Aston Martin to date. The DB11 features a high strength body structure with improved space for occupants, new crash energy absorbing structures, new advances seatbelts, knee airbags, adaptive frontal airbags, seats with isofix child seat anchorage points and fully compliant with the latest pedestrian impact requirements.

DB11 Verification Prototype VP, road car

This is a VP car – one of the first visually production representative vehicles, built on a the new, shielded, DB11 line but usually heavily camouflaged with a swirl vinyl wrap. It is then subjected to tens of thousands of miles of real road testing all over the world and in all climates.

DB11 Interior Styling Model

This full sized model is of a DB11 dashboard and cabin was spotted during a special visit to Gaydon in 2017.