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DB5 Works Bond replica – new photos

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DB5 Works Bond replica – new photos

Advance warning of site maintenance

I’m giving advance notification that this website will be having some ongoing maintenance shortly. As I’ll be the person actually doing the donkey work, expect some issues especially affecting the VH era cars. There were soooo many different models made from 2003 to 2018, I need to change the navigation to make it easier to find the actual car you are interested in.

Just bear with me. It’ll make sense when it’s done – trust me.

The ‘Gen4’ DB9 – updated page

Is you thought the DB9 had been around for a while, are you aware of the latest version based using the 4th generation of VH architecture. The ‘new’ DB9 is arguably the most complete car in the range with over 500 bhp from the AM11 V12 engine, Carbon Ceramic brakes and the latest Adapitive Damping System offering the choice of three modes.