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DB7 major update

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DB7 major update

There has been a major update of the DB7 section with many new photographs of previously unseen cars.

DB7 section

DB9 Volante – 10 years on

Can you believe that it was 10 years ago since we first saw the DB9 Volante. I have been digging in my files and have found plenty of previously unseen pictures to fill a revised page on the most popular of the drop-top Aston Martins.

Lagonda Rapide, plenty of new images and revised page

The Lagonda Rapide has for some time lagged in popularity behind the DB 2 door cars of the same era. Yet with only 55 ever built, they are at last becoming more highly regarded than ever before. The page has had a major revision and now features images of a fair few cars.

V8 Vantage Le Mans page updated

This is one of the greatest Aston Martins of all time. Limited to just 40 examples, the V8 Vantage Le Mans page has had loads of new images added today.

Atom,the important link between the pre and post war era’s of Aston Martin

The Aston Martin Atom is the important link between the pre and post war era’s of Aston Martin. Another unique car and a star of the Centenary Celebrations of the marque. New page added to the site with many new images.

DB6 Shooting Brake by FLM Panelcraft – New page

In addition to Harold Radford, another independent coachbuilder also offered a shooting brake conversion for the DB6. FLM (Panelcraft) Ltd were based in the Kings Cross area of London and were experienced at converting saloons to both estate and convertible spec. The car illustrated here was commissioned by  the racing driver, Innes Ireland as his daily driver and as of November 2013, was on sale by Aston Martin Works. It is finished in its original, extremely attractive colour scheme of Pearl Grey Metallic, complemented beautifully by the sumptuous deep Red Connolly Hide interior with matching Wilton carpets.

The one-of-a-kind Aston Martin Bulldog

Aston Martin have only ever built one mid-engined super car. The Bulldog was unveiled in 1980 yet is still revered 33 years later. This is why it was such a star in the 101 car timeline at the Centenary Celebration in July 2013 at Kensington Palace. The page featuring the Bulldog now as loads of new pictures. Some are press images taken in 1980; others show Bulldog as it is now when it was displayed at the Aston Martin Centenary.

Updated page on the DB7 i6 GT race car

The original DB7 GT was a sadly stillborn project from 1995 designed by Prodrive. Loads of new photos of both examples of the DB7 i6 GT added this morning.

Cygnet Discontinued?

It appears that the news on the net might well be true. The Cygnet is bereft of life, resting in peace, pushing up the daisies, its metabolic processes are now history, off the twig, kicked the bucket, shuffled off this mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible.

This image shows the most famous Cygnet of all, belonging to the former Aston Martin works driver, Sir Stirling Moss, parked next to another discontinued model, the One-77.

 With apologies to Monty Python of course