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DB7 major update

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DB7 major update

There has been a major update of the DB7 section with many new photographs of previously unseen cars.

DB7 section

New Pictures – Rare DB6 Mark 2 with fuel injection

Back in 1969 the DB6 Mark 2 could be had with a state-of-the-art fuel injected engine. Few survive today as they were not easy to work on and works replaced the AE Brico system with more mundane SU or Weber carbs. Now a DB6 mark 2 has been photographed still with it’s original fuel injection intact.

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DBS from the Persuaders!

Way back in the early 1970’s, Aston Martin scored a coup when the DBSV8 was chosen to star in the new TV Series called ‘The Persuaders!’. Well it wasn’t actually a DBSV8 as all were allocated to excited customers. Aston were only able to supply a regular 6 cylinder DBS in Bahama Yellow with GKN alloy wheels to resemble their current ‘hero’ car. This is a totally new page with new and unpublished photographs.