Virage Coupe Works Rebuilt
Virage Coupe Works Rebuilt

Virage Coupe Works Rebuilt

(1989-1993 / 1999)

During the 1990's, a particular Far Eastern Royal family were extremely good customers of Aston Martin. As well as purchasing a dazzling array of unique especially coach built cars, they also took delivery of many standard production examples too. 

Then in 1999, something rather interesting then happened to a small number of cars. Two, maybe three Virage coupes were returned to Works Service at Newport Pagnell to be rebuilt mechanically to 1999 V8 Coupe specification.

Virage Coupe Works Rebuilt

Cosmetically, the Virage coupe coachwork remained as standard, the extensive rebuild concentrated on a major mechanical update as well as an enhanced interior, with an arraignment quite unique to the model.

The following are believed to be the key changes 

  • /89 spec engine rebuilt to /95 spec
  • New Weber/Marelli Alpha Plus engine management system
  • Increase of peak power to 349 bhp
  • Three speed gearbox replaced by the 4 speed Torqueflite
  • V8 Coupe OZ ‘Saturn’ wheels
  • Pirelli P Zero 255/50 ZR18 tyres
  • Late specification Virage interior with air bag steering wheel
  • Deletion of the VIC computer
  • Unique LED gearbox marker lights in the dash
  • Unique centre console layout