Virage 6.3 Lightweight
Virage 6.3 Lightweight

Virage 6.3 Lightweight


Following a commission for a high performance Virage 6.3 litre, the Special Projects Group developed a special and potent lightweight version of the coupe. The brief was to both increase power and shed weight to create the ultimate normally aspirated performance car without resorting to fitting supercharged Vantage engine.

Virage 6.3 Lightweight

The chassis were built partly to Vantage spec and the panelling was done in production alongside the regular cars with a unique hybrid combination of Virage 6.3 and Vantage styling cues.  Special identifying features of the 6.3 Lightweight are

  • Vantage grille flanked by twin BMW headlights in a rectangular aperture
  • Vantage style rear wheel arches
  • Regular Virage rear light clusters
  • Vantage like bonnet with a pronounced power bulge with oversized cooling vents
  • Cooling vents were added along the flanks for cooling the rear brakes
  • The wheels used were highly polished spilt-rim OZ’s with a diameter of 18 inches
  • Stripped back interior with two seats only
  • Vantage derived carbon-fibre dashboard,  doors and even some of the exterior panels
  • Red starter button and oversized rev counter
  • 6.3 litre engines with peak power was in the region of 500 bhp
  • Four speed automatic Torqueflite gearbox.

It is believed that, once completed, the ‘Lightweights’ were about 100 kg lighter than a regular Virage coupe and 150 kg lighter than a regular 6.3.

The three cars were eventually completed and shipped out to the Royal customer overseas.  Such was the secrecy surrounding their construction, no photographs of the completed cars have yet been found. The pictures here have been kindly provided by Aston Martin Works