V12 Vantage Carbon Black II (2012.5MY & 2013MY)
V12 Vantage Carbon Black II (2012.5MY & 2013MY)

V12 Vantage Carbon Black II (2012.5MY & 2013MY)

(2012 - 2013) - US/Australian/Japanese Edition

Just prior to the ending of V12 Vantage production, AML began to offer a slightly revised and numbered Carbon Black V12 Vantage 2012.5MY car in certain selected markets.  Quite tricky to distinguish from the original un-numbered Carbon Black except for the adoption of a totally black grille and black side window surrounds. Indeed, apart from the AM wings badges, these cars have no external brightwork whatsoever. I have seen a period factory photo of one of these cars with a display plate describing the car as a Carbon Black II and so I have decided to use this here myself.

V12 Vantage Carbon Black II (2012.5MY & 2013MY)

In the US where they received 40 examples, the V12 Vantage Carbon Black specification was as per standard V12 Vantage 2012.5MY but with the following enhancements:

  • Coachwork in AML Carbon Black with either Metallic or Satin finish as standard
  • Optional colours also seen are Azurite Black, Skyfall Silver, Storm Black, Flugplatz Blue, Stratus White and Red Lion
  • Carbon Exterior Pack (Carbon Lamp Infills, Carbon Mirror Caps, Carbon Side Strakes

  • Black-finish Grille
  • Black Exhaust Tailpipes
  • Black Window surround (DLO – day light openings)
  • Coloured brake calipers (choice of Yellow, Red, Black, Grey)

  • 10-spoke forged alloy Gloss Black painted wheels
  • Gloss Black Diamond Turn painted wheels as a No Cost Option

  • Carbon Interior Pack (Carbon Facia, Carbon Gearshift Surround)
  • Glass switches

  • Numbered Carbon Black Sill Plaque, 1 to 40

  • Black Leather or Black Alcantara seats with coloured stitching to match brake callipers

The absolute key feature of these last of the line Carbon Black cars from the original series is the black window surrounds, most easily seen on the side windows – or day light openings (DLO) as they are more properly called

In Australia, a further 6 similar numbered examples of the 2013MY V12 Vantage Carbon Black Australian Edition were built. These differed from the US version as only the Gloss Black Diamond Turn painted wheels were available and the brake calipers were only available in AML Carbon Black and Hammerhead Silver. Also Japan also received three examples of the  late model 2013MY Carbon Black V12 Vantage. A single European spec car was exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show in February 2013 although at the time if was only titled as a product of ‘Q by Aston Martin’ rather than specifically as a Carbon Black edition.

Some websites call these cars either ‘Final Edition’ or ‘Carbon Black II’ although neither of these names have been used by AML in describing these cars. The cars are also occasionally referred to as ‘The Final Forty’ but maybe only be used cars salesmen!

The top photograph is of a regular example with Carbon Black coachwork from Lake Forrest Sportscars. Below you will see photographs of the only Carbon Black in Red Lion, a colour initially used on the Cygnet, and another example (photos by Peggy Matson) , one of only five in Azurite Black, the colour first seen on the UB-2010.