Rapide Luxe
Rapide Luxe

Rapide Luxe

(2010 - 2012)

Announced in August 2010, The Rapide Luxe offered a package of high value options fitted as standard equipment together with accessories and a wider choice of interior and exterior finishes.

Information collated by the Aston Martin Heritage Trust has identified that only 84 examples of the Luxe were built and sold in markets around the world.

Rapide Luxe

 The special features of the Luxe are :-

  • Rear seat entertainment with seat back screens
  • Highly polished 20 inch, 20 spoke wheels
  • Cooled front and rear seats with perforated leather
  • Glass control switches
  • Rapide Luxe sill plaques
  • Bespoke 6 piece luggage in matching leather
  • Garage door opening mirror
  • High specification alarm
  • Secondary Glass Key