DB7 i6 Coupe ‘Beverly Hills’ Edition
DB7 i6 Coupe ‘Beverly Hills’ Edition

DB7 i6 Coupe ‘Beverly Hills’ Edition


Coupe and Volante

The Beverly Hills DB7 was only available, unsurprisingly, through the Aston Martin dealership in Beverly Hills, California. It was a dealer limited edition that was introduced shortly before the ending of i6 production in 1998 and was available as both a coupe or Volante.


DB7 i6 Coupe ‘Beverly Hills’ Edition

In all, six cars were built and feature the following specification

  • Midnight Blue coachwork
  • Mohair Midnight blue roof (Volante)
  • Upper mesh grilles
  • Spark Silver alloy wheels – a sort of satin silver finish
  • Upper interior and seat piping in blue hide
  • Lower interior and seats in parchment hide
  • Burr maple (also described as oak) wood veneers, including instrument surrounds
  • Sheepskin over rugs
  • Fitted luggage
  • Left hand drive

Of the six cars, two were coupes (one 5 speed manual, one auto) and the remaining four were Volantes (one 5 speed manual, three auto)

Since all examples are all in the US, it is very unlikely that I’ll have an opportunity to photograph the Beverly Hills. So I have borrowed the pictures of the Volante here from the website of US car dealer, Ron Susser, who was selling one of these cars. The pictures of the Coupe were provided by a great friend of mine and fellow AMOC member, Robin.

The photographs of the Volante are copyright Ron Susser and were found by AMOC member, Jon H – many thanks Jon. Also thanks to AMOC member, Robin, for his pictures and information of the unique manual coupe