DB11 Startech 610
DB11 Startech 610

DB11 Startech 610

(from 2018)

Startech is a company that you might not have heard of before. It's actually a subsidiary of Brabus but rather than focusing on Daimler Benz products, it sells and fits custom parts for Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley, Maserati and now Aston Martin models. The Aston Martin link up is not that surprising as on the DB11, there are parts and systems supplied by Mercedes and AMG which nicely ties up with Brabus and their vast experience with Daimler Benz products.

DB11 Startech 610

This Startech 510 was first displayed at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show as a showcase for their offering for the DB11. The base car for the 610 is actually the DB11 V8, the engine of which is supplied by AMG; the 610 is an indication that the V8 is boosted to 610 bhp, an increase of 100 bhp over the standard engine. Peak torque increases from 675 to 800 Nm, on tap constantly between 2,000 and 5,000 rpm. How is this achieved? Startech adapt a plug-and-play auxiliary control module, which provides the engine control unit with special mapping for injection and ignition and increases the boost pressure of the turbos as well. The PowerXtra SP610 “powered by BRABUS” performance upgrade allows sprints from rest to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds; The top speed increases to 192 mph.

Startech also offer a front spoiler with tall flaps on both sides in either gloss black or carbon, designed to attach to the lower section of the front bumper. Plus a similar choice of side wings, which repeat the styling element of the front flaps ahead of the rear wheels. 21 inch Monostar M wheels featuring five pairs of spokes combined with a hub cover that gives the wheel the appearance of a center lock rim.

In addition to the accessory range, the Geneva show car also had  a bespoke interior using the finest handcrafted leather, Alcantara, and carbon fibre.

Prices as of 2020

  • Front add-on elements, high-gloss black – 2.300,00 € excl. VAT, carbon 3.400,00 € excl. VAT
  • Side wings – high-gloss black 2.400,00 € excl. VAT, carbon 3.200,00 € excl. VAT
  • Front wheels – 990,00 € excl. VAT., rear wheels – 1.180,00 € excl. VAT – plus extra for special colours and tyres
  • PowerXtra SP610 – 6.500,00 € excl. VAT
  • Bespoke interior – POA

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  • Engine:
    • AMG V8, M177 twin-turbo
    • PowerXtra SP610 “powered by BRABUS” performance upgrade,  a plug-and-play auxiliary control module
    • Power – 610 bhp
    • Torque – 800 Nm
  • Wheels and tyres:
    • Front – Monostar M, 9J x 21″, black polished / Shadow-Chrome
    • Front tyre – 275/35 ZR21
    • Rear – Monostar M, 11,5J x 21″, Black polished/Shadow-chrome
    • Rear tyre – 325/30 ZR21
    • Aluminium center cap in center lock design; silver, blue, red or black
  • Performance:
    • Maximum speed – 310 kph, 192 mph
    • 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) – 3.8 seconds