2 litre Speed Model Type C
2 litre Speed Model Type C

2 litre Speed Model Type C

(1938 - 1939)

By the middle of 1938, a number of the 1936 Speed Model chassis were left unsold. In an effort to sell on these remaining chassis and also to get more speed, the emerging science of aerodynamics was used to produce a new 'modern'  all enveloping streamlined body. Unlike the previous Speed Models, the 'Type C Speed Model" as it became known, was bodied by Aston Martin rather than outside coachbuilders.


2 litre Speed Model Type C

The Type C turned out to be a genuinely quick car with a genuine 100 mph top speed; indeed one was timed at 112 mph at Brooklands albeit with some modifications. That said, despite the slippery coachwork, they were hardly quicker than the Speed Models with more traditional coachwork.

The first car two cars featured a ‘shield’ shaped grill and lamps mounted on either side. One was exhibited at the 1938 Earls Court Motor Show. The remaining six examples had a more rounded mesh grill with the headlamps (single or twin) mounted behind the oval grille.

To some, the Type C, is ugly but I wouldn’t subscribe to that. To my eyes, it is the most wonderful pre-war Aston Martin; the coachwork is a real work of art. Most were bodied by Aston Martin themselves. Unfortunately with the ever threat of war with Nazi Germany, they were slow to sell with an asking price of £775, which represents over £100,000 in todays money.  The last car was finally found a new owner just prior to Christmas 1940. It would be the last brand new Aston Martin sold for quite a few years.

  • Engine:
    • 4 cylinder engine, 1949 cc
    • Bore 78 mm, Stroke 102 mm
    • Compression ratio: 7.75 to 1
    • Power: 98 bhp @ 5,000 rpm
  • Brakes:
    • Girling 14 inch drum brakes, hydraulically operated
  • Price at launch:
    • Price at launch: £775 (1938)